When it comes to relaxation, in contrast to the New Money Man, the Old Money Man will visit the theater or the opera, where he will enjoy the front-row seats that were gifted to him by an important client or an old friend, and for his vacations, he will take a trip in the family-owned private jet to one of his many homes around the world, where he will wine, dine and puff on cigars in unique places that are not necessarily the most expensive, but definitely the best in the world. Hopefully, you will soon be by his side.
So, while the sugar daddy may be a little less exciting than the New Money Man, he will most likely be a more consistent partner over time and will also be a more stylish and cultured man and probably will have been brought up to understand the true virtues of a lady.
Now, as you might expect an Old Money Man is distinctly more difficult to “snare” than a New Money Man and should be regarded as the ultimate goal in the Sugar Daddy Quest, perhaps even the Holy Grail of the Sugar World. Once you find yourself in the arms –and pockets- of an Old Money Man, you should do everything in your power to stay there. With sugar daddy me in mind, you should aim to develop an “arrangement” with at least two or three New Money Men, before pursuing an Old Money Man.